It's Important!
The best way to prolong the life of your vehicle, is through regular and proper maintenance. Oil and fluid changes, brake repairs, "Service Engine" warnings, are all things we can help you with. Also, if you are about to hit a mileage milestone on your vehicle, we can provide the same routine check-ups that the dealers provide. Good maintenance is so important because it can be scheduled. Waiting until you need repairs, will often cause inconvenience.

Featuring Havoline Oil

Oil Changes are vital to the life of your engine. Rapture's team of automotive professionals utilze Havoline Oil which is specially formulated to bond with your engine’s vital parts, shielding them from metal to metal contact, corrosive agents and extreme temperatures to help protect your investment.

brake system
Brake maintenance is an extremely important part of your overall car's maintenance program. Your brakes quite possibly are the most important safety features your car can have. They help you stop at an instant in the case of a dire situation, and they also help you while you go around turns at high speeds.

TIRE Rotating, Balancing and Auto Alignment
Rotating and balancing tires is an important maintenance procedure to help the longevity of the tires. Many people are too busy or forget when they last had their tires maintained and front tires will wear more quickly do to steering and braking. Most tire companies and auto maintenance facilities recommend rotating and checking the balance every 6000 miles.

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